Heidiland Tourism launches digital information platform for partners

With Partner.heidiland.com, Heidiland Tourism now offers its partners a digital information platform. On the website, the tourism organisation provides information on current topics and projects, presents its services for service providers from the region and shows which tasks it performs for partners and guests.


The tasks of tourism organisation have changed fundamentally in recent years. Heidiland Tourism sees itself today as a competence and service centre for innovative project development and project marketing between Lake Walen, Sarganserland and the Bündner Herrschaft. As a network and service organisation it supports the service providers in the holiday region Heidiland with specific services. In order to be able to inform the partners even better about the various possibilities in the future, Heidiland Tourism has created the information platform Partner.heidiland.com was launched.

Services in the center

On the new website for partners, a freshly produced explanatory video briefly and concisely presents the four core areas of Heidiland Tourism. Those who would like to find out more about the organisation and its tasks will find further information and contacts in the company section. A central element of the website is also the "Services" section. Here accommodation establishments, adventure providers, restaurateurs and event organisers will find useful tips and numerous offers of support from Heidiland Tourism which they can make use of. According to Heidiland Tourism, this area also reflects the organisation's self-image as a service provider for its partners in the region.

Tourism project development and marketing have also become increasingly important for Heidiland Tourism in recent years. The tourism organisation wants to give room to new ideas and accompanies numerous tourism projects in the region. On the information platform there is therefore also a section on current projects and on general funding instruments for tourism projects.

Encourage communication

"The new information platform is a central element for the communication with our partners and shows very concretely what we as an organisation do for them and the guests on a daily basis," explains Orlando Bergamin, Managing Director of Heidiland Tourism. Especially because inter-company cooperation and networking is becoming increasingly important in times of digitalisation in tourism, the information platform should promote the exchange in the region even more. In the "News" section, the organisation will therefore report on news from the organisation and the industry on an ongoing basis. Partners can also register on the information platform for the partner mailing in order to receive regular updates. The launch does not mark the end of the development of the information platform. It will grow according to the needs of the partners and will be enriched with additional elements and functions in the future.

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