The digital trade fair as a bridge to physical "markeding

Markeding Switzerland, as a festival of haptic advertising, is a new kind of event for haptic advertising and promotional products, modern marketing, trends, innovations and storytelling. For the first time, a digital trade fair will be held before the physical one. m&k asked organizer Michael Mätzener about the motives.


Digital entrance area of the virtual markeding.

m&k: Michael Mätzener, what prompted you to hold Switzerland's first digital marquee event on 1 June?

I just didn't believe we could do another live event this spring yet. That's why I decided to do a digital festival of advertising media in any case.


An important sign for the promotional products industry?

Yes, absolutely. We are there and the haptic advertising media are still an important medium - especially in this time.


What can visitors to the virtual fair on 1 June look forward to?

On numerous promotional products suppliers - branded articles, which visitors also know from our physical promotional products trade fair "Markeding". On this platform we show not only novelties at the virtual booths, but also product videos. You can create a virtual fair bag where you can put all these catalogues, videos and novelties.


Will there be speakers like there are at the physical markeding?

We have a supporting programme that can be viewed "on demand". Speakers will be on stage and whenever the visitor clicks on the button, the lecture will start. A bundled flood of information will reach the visitors.


Is the June 1 show a digital replica of the live markeding at the end of August?

I see the digital trade fair as a bridge to the physical trade fair. The guest can look at everything virtually, inquire and then physically touch and feel the advertising materials on August 26. Many exhibitors don't have the digital material and are still having a bit of a hard time with the virtual appearance. That's why there aren't 60 to 70 exhibitors like at the physical trade fair on 26 August, but only around 30. But that also gives visitors the time in front of the screen to really get to grips with the individual suppliers and study their innovations.


Do you have a host?

I don't act as a live host, we don't do a studio live broadcast. That would have been beyond the financial means. The exhibitors are there live and as contacts in front of the screen, but the speakers are on demand whenever a visitor wants to hear and experience the lecture.


Michael Mätzener, Owner and Founder of "die Werbeartikel GmbH" and organizer of the festival for haptic advertising "Markeding".

Are you also available to speak as an organizer?

Yes, you can click me too. I greet the guests whenever they come, that is recorded, but of course I am also to talk about the day and give information, I am also present as one of the carrier agencies with my own company.


Besides exhibitors and lectures, what else can visitors look at?

We have also included the special show "Green Markeding". There you can find out about sustainability and the latest developments in advertising materials.


How to visit the fair on June 1?

You can log in via Then you can choose one of the carrier agencies. This is like at the entrance of the physical fair. You are greeted by the agencies and can then decide whether you want to be guided through the virtual fair or stroll on your own.


Does the virtual marrow thing cost anything?

No, registration is free.


Why are promotional items so important, especially in these times?

Addressed mail is still much more effective than online advertising. The physical letter has a high value. If this is then reinforced haptically by a promotional item, this can pick up the customer emotionally and thus deepen the trust in the brand.


Can you still access the show after June 1?

The digital trade fair is available for six months. Since everything is on demand, the customer can refresh his knowledge at any time and get the information again that he may have missed on the first tour. When we then hold the physical trade fair at the end of August, the participants are even better prepared and are also more likely to know what they want to delve into. Then in October we have another digital debriefing with a summary of the two fairs. This way we are well positioned and can offer the best service to the participants.

The Markeding will take place digitally on 1 June 2021 on and on Thursday, 26 August 2021, physically at the Samsung Hall in Zurich.


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