SV Group wants to set new standards for hotel guests with app

The SV Group's Stay KooooK hotel concept combines the advantages of various modern forms of accommodation into a new overnight offer and also provides guests with an end-to-end online experience: all touchpoints are digitalised and combined in a practical app.

"Stay KooooK sums up our know-how and the experience we have gained over many years with different brands and concepts. We want our guests to be able to realise their full potential. That's why we make sure that they have to spend as little time as possible dealing with administrative processes," explains SV Hotel Managing Director Beat Kuhn. "We leave them full decision-making power in the process. Our guests have full control at all times over when they want to do and experience something on their trip. We support them efficiently, digitally and personally."

The SV Group has digitized all touchpoints for Stay KooooK and united them in one app. The digital guest journey responds to the changing and evolving needs and demands of travelers.

Guest takes centre stage

The typical hotel processes and all touchpoints are fully digitized so that the Stay KooooK employees, the hosts, can devote themselves fully to the encounter with the guests. The guest processes reservation, check-in, check-out and billing in a web app. Guests can decide for themselves which communication channel they prefer. The web app delivers personalized content, which makes it easy to customize the stay according to one's own ideas.

Design thinking determines the solution

All elements of the Digital Guest Journey as well as the Digital Guest Platform Magic are groundbreaking for the industry and were developed in a far-reaching design thinking process within the SV Group, as the SV Group writes in a statement. In the process, booking processes and procedures were examined step by step and the extent to which they can be digitally simplified and improved in order to raise the individual guest experience to a new level. Various startups and technology developers such as Apaleo, 3ap, Evux and 4suites were involved in the development.

Personalisation writ large

In the web app developed for Stay KooooK, guests can create their own account, rate content or share recommendations and enter information on personal preferences in order to make processes and the equipment of the room or studio as personal as possible. All data can also be saved here for a future stay. Thanks to a so-called event-driven architecture, all "events" - for example a booking or a change of booking - are stored and managed centrally in the specially developed digital guest platform "Magic".

The accommodation concept Stay KooooK is aimed at a new generation of travellers who are looking for practical and high-quality accommodation with the highest degree of individuality and flexibility.

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