FH Graubünden and Switzerland Travel Centre start cooperation

The partnership between Switzerland Travel Centre and the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden is intended to promote innovation in the travel industry and the exchange of knowledge between the university and the travel industry.

Students of the FH Graubünden in the Design Thinking Workshop. (Image: Fhgr.ch)

Individual travel wishes or package deals, chat bot or personal travel advice - these are just two of countless questions the travel industry is currently asking itself. In addition, current developments such as the Covid crisis, digitalization and the unstoppable importance of sustainability are challenging the entire industry. Tomorrow's travel providers must be able to develop and continuously improve their services in a customer- and market-oriented way.

The Institute for Tourism and Leisure at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden is addressing the question of how such services can be developed in the travel industry and successfully positioned in the market. Service design is a promising method for creating services that are tailored to customers.

With Service Innovation and Design, the University of Applied Sciences Grisons offers a suitable Bachelor's programme in tourism. "The fast and uncomplicated testing of ideas with the users in focus is an essential component in service design," emphasises Thorsten Merkle, Head of Studies Service Innovation and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden. "That's why we are extremely proud to partner with STC, the largest travel provider for Switzerland, and look forward to tackling joint projects."

STC's broad portfolio and global presence allows it to work with students from the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden to conceptualise and implement ideas for a wide range of guest segments. "The constant and unstoppable change driven by technology, trends, new forms of mobility and changing customer needs, among other things, makes travel an incredibly exciting business," explains Michael Maeder, CEO of STC. "The collaboration with FH Graubünden will help us to discuss and establish new concepts." In addition to the close cooperation in the area of new services and products, the students of the FH Graubünden will gain simplified access to STC's worldwide locations and the exchange of knowledge will be promoted.

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