Webinar on digital events: The stopgap solution has future potential

How does a digital event become a success? What needs to be considered? How do you promote interaction, how is storytelling used? All this will be explained by professionals in a webinar hosted by Andreas Messerli together with Werbewoche m&k on 22 April. Here are five questions for Linda Schopper, Head of Digital Experience at Messerli.

Linda Schopper, Head Digital Experience Andreas Messerli.

Advertisingweek.chLinda Schopper, due to the Corona situation, there have never been so many digital events as now - as a replacement for physical ones. But the "stopgap solution" also brings advantages - what are the most essential ones?

Linda Schopper: With digital events, we can reach more participants and extend the impact of the event by making content available after the event. With targeted interactions, the participants can be well involved and become part of the event. In addition, digital events are also ecologically sustainable, since the event participants do not have to travel and can participate from anywhere.

What makes a good digital event?

Linda Schopper: It must convey exciting content that offers added value. The whole thing should take place in an entertaining and entertaining format that promotes interaction and engagement of the participants. Since digital formats only address two senses (seeing and hearing), dramaturgy and variety as well as a good mix of media in the program are central to creating an emotional connection.


You have gained a lot of experience with digital events - especially in the last few months. What has surprised you the most personally?

Many participants have accepted that the majority of exchanges currently take place digitally and therefore participate more actively in events. The chat function has become established and is particularly well suited for lead generation. The event organizer can identify the participants and their needs and follow up again after the event.


In the future, there will probably be many hybrid events - physical and digital at the same time - what opportunities arise from the combination and what should be considered?

This is a great opportunity and the combination of the future. Physical events can achieve a huge increase in reach through the hybrid approach and have a longer lasting effect. However, a hybrid event must be designed for both the audience in attendance and the online participants. It is important to take into account the fundamentally different needs and expectations. However, we see great potential in this and strongly believe that the hybrid approach will also find its way into trade fairs and general meetings.


What else will you be teaching in the April 22 webinar?

We want to inspire and encourage our participants to gain experience and success with digital formats. We will show step by step the success factors that are needed for the organization of digital events. In doing so, we will also show various practical examples and let experts have their say.

Interested parties can register for the April 22, 2021, 11:00 a.m. webinar, "Digital Events," at this Link register for free.

Andreas Messerli based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is a provider of live experience. The company develops and implements brand presences at trade fairs, events or at the point of sale and networks them digitally. This also includes the disciplines "Digital and Hybrid Events".

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