Zurich Film Festival: Great cinema also in the new Kongresshaus

At the 17th Zurich Film Festival, films will be shown for the first time in the newly opened Kongresshaus am See. The large hall offers 1665 seats and state-of-the-art technology. The new venue will strengthen the Zurich Film Festival's location in the heart of the city and open up new growth prospects for the ZFF, according to the ZFF.

Film-ready staged on the Kongresshaus terrace: ZFF director Christian Jungen, Spoundation managing director Elke Mayer and Kongresshaus CEO Roger Büchel (from left) Photo. Gion Hunziker.


After four years of total renovation, the renovated Kongresshaus on Lake Zurich will open this summer. The 17th Zurich Film Festival (23 September to 3 October 2021) will be the first major event to be held at the venue over several days. In the second week of the festival, the ZFF will show films from our programme in the large 1665-seat hall. "The new Kongresshaus with its fantastic location on the lake is a jewel. We are delighted that with the main auditorium we can now finally do screenings for a large audience of over 1500. A large multi-purpose hall, equivalent to those of festivals such as Cannes, Berlin or Venice, gives us the opportunity to grow," explains ZFF director Christian Jungen. "The staircase and the terrace at the entrance also offer great opportunities for glamorous photo shoots with the stars in front of the lake and the mountains in the background."

The ZFF will use the new location from 27 September to 1 October 2021. It is planned that the festival will show films in the Kongresshaus for the entire duration of the festival. Roger Büchel, CEO of Kongresshaus Zürich AG, is delighted with the partnership: "The Zurich Film Festival needs radiant locations, its visitors are looking for unique experiences and the new Kongresshaus Zürich needs flagship projects. Simply a win-win-win situation."

Film music concert and competition at the Tonhalle

Elke Mayer, managing director of Spoundation Motion Picture AG, will be responsible with her team for the realisation of the ZFF in the Kongresshaus. She says: "With the opening of the Kongresshaus, the Tonhalle also returns to the lake basin. This is a great opportunity for the festival, which has been organising a film music concert and the International Film Music Competition together with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich since 2012. Film and music are thus also moving closer together again spatially."

The ZFF strengthens its position in the heart of the city with the use of the Kongresshaus. The Festival Centre and the Green Carpet will remain on Sechseläutenplatz, directly next to the flagship cinema blue cinema Corso and the Arthouse Le Paris. They are only a few minutes' walk away from the Kongresshaus. With other venues such as the Arena Cinemas, the Kosmos and the Filmpodium, the festival will be present throughout the city.

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