The next Habegger Academy webinar will be hybrid

Habegger wants to broadcast the webinar on the topic of "Hybrid Events" at the end of March not only digitally, but also with a live audience. Relaxations by the Federal Council and a strict security concept should make this possible.

Samuel Röthlisberger and Sandhya Mirajkar would like to welcome a physical audience at the end of March. (Image: Habegger)

On March 30, 2021, Habegger will lead the Third webinar through. The webinar theme is taken literally. The event will be realized in hybrid form at the Trafo Baden. The service provider from Regensdorf ZH wants to use its own example to show customers what future event planning for 2021 could look like.

"As a result of Covid-19, many event organizers lack planning security," explains Jürg Schwarz, CEO of Habegger. "The hybrid event form offers a good solution here." Indeed, a hybrid event combines the advantages from the digital and physical worlds. One part of the audience can attend the event live on site, while the other part follows it digitally. And if a live event cannot take place as a result of Covid-19, it will alternatively be implemented exclusively digitally. "Plan hybrid and minimize the planning risk," summarizes Jürg Schwarz.

Gain independence and planning security

Currently, Switzerland is still in a partial lockdown. Based on the Federal Council's announced relaxations as of the end of March, with the prospect of events with up to 300 people, Habegger is now planning the webinar hybrid. "We are not naïve in any way. Of course, we have to expect that we won't be able to host a live audience. But with hybrid planning, we have nothing to lose, only gain," says Schwarz. One gain, he says, is the planning security and the regained independence, since the event would still be held even if the Federal Council's decision was negative. Just in digital form. A win-win situation for Habegger as organizer and for the participants.

Strict safety measures

If the webinar actually takes place in front of a live audience at the end of March, high security precautions will be taken on site at the Trafo Baden event location. Apéro riche in a seated position, temperature measurement and live tracking of the guests with distance measurement are just some of the planned measures. Should the Federal Council approve events, Jürg Schwarz expects further requirements: "This could range from rapid tests to vaccination certificates. How we deal with this would have to be examined on a situational basis."

The decision on whether physical audiences can be received at Trafo Baden as planned is expected on Friday. "Even if the chance of a live performance is low. Our live event would be a sign of hope for all people who want to meet live again and celebrate together. It would be just a start in a very tightly defined framework, but at least it would be a possible start."

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