JMT Switzerland wins mandate for the summer session in Bern

JMT Switzerland wins the tender for the furnishing of the National Council Hall at Bernexpo. It is not affected by the self-administration proceedings of its parent company JMT Germany. JMT Switzerland is active in the construction of temporary and permanent experience spaces.


Exhibition and event service providers have been affected by the Corona situation the fastest and most severely, because the event ban has brought their business to an abrupt halt. JMT Switzerland copes with this situation thanks to its activity in other industries. In June 2020, JMT Schweiz AG won the tender for the temporary furnishing of the National Council Hall at Bernexpo.


At Bernexpo, 212 workstations were set up, applying the current safety requirements regarding spatial distance. JMT Switzerland expanded into the business field of permanent or semi-permanent interior design even before exhibitions and events in Switzerland and Europe came to a complete standstill due to Corona. This foresight has now been rewarded. Andreas Kern, owner of JMT Switzerland (pictured above), says: "The planning foresight has paid off."

The parent company JMT Germany is a fundamentally healthy company. But now its core business of building temporary spaces at trade shows and events has been severely affected by the situation with Covid-19. For the duration of the self-administration proceedings, JMT Germany will pay all newly arising liabilities to customers, suppliers and other contractual partners on time and in full.

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