Messe Stuttgart is climate neutral

The Stuttgart trade fair location acts responsibly. The trade fair offsets emissions from business activities via internationally recognized climate protection projects.


The Stuttgart trade fair location is climate-neutral. Messe Stuttgart has long been at the forefront of sustainability among trade fair companies in Germany.

"We take responsibility for climate protection, because sustainability awareness is a central element of our corporate management," says Roland Bleinroth, Spokesman for the Board of Management of Messe Stuttgart.

In addition to the consistent use of one hundred percent CO2-neutral electricity, unavoidable CO2 emissions are now offset with compensation measures. The seal of approval as a "climate-neutral trade show location" comes from ClimatePartner from Munich, which advises companies on climate protection and promotes environmental protection projects in Germany and around the world.

In order to be a climate-neutral location, the trade show supports two internationally recognized climate protection projects that save greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. The two selected projects, which will each receive 50 percent equal funding, include a regional program in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, which in turn supports a conservation project in the Amazon rainforest, and two wind farms in northeastern China.

The trade fair company had already set a trend-setting standard for the industry in 2010 with the Green Statement. At the beginning of November 2012, Messe Stuttgart and the ICS joined the "fairpflichtet" industry code of conduct launched by the European Association of Event Centers and the German Convention Bureau.

The climate neutrality of the Stuttgart trade fair location can be seen at the ClimatePartner website viewed be

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