Messerli sells shares in Mint Architecture

The buyer, ATP Architekten Ingenieure, employs 800 people in Europe. Mint Architecture is thus severing its relationship with the Messerli Group and moving to new premises on Förrlibuckstrasse in Zurich, in the vicinity of ATP Architekten Ingenieure in Zurich.

Andreas Messerli, CEO of the Messerli Group: "Mint Architecture has succeeded in establishing a unique market position in the Swiss architecture market. Now it is joining an architecture and engineering firm in Europe, which opens the door to further growth.

The new installation makes sense for both companies, Mint and Messerli (and the buyer). The Messerli Group is active in live experience, Mint in permanent architecture. Messerli is mainly active in Switzerland, while Mint is targeting the European market with its alliance with ATP Architekten Ingenieure.

Is there an end to Mint Architecture's growth? No, now comes the biggest expansion in the company's rapid history.

Since 1995, Mint Architecture has rapidly expanded its field of business and is now the leading office for the revitalization of shopping centers in Switzerland with 50 employees. Well-known clients of Mint Architecture are the ZKB, Bank Clerc or the new shopping centers INSIDE, Volketswil or Riedmatt in Rümlang.

Thomas Stiefel

Founder Thomas Stiefel remains a minority shareholder in Mint Architecture. "We are very pleased to have ATP Architekten Ingenieure as a new, strong, pan-European majority shareholder, which will give us the opportunity to bring our expertise to bear on larger and also international projects."

Andreas Messerli
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