New destination strategy for Gstaad

The destination of Gstaad relies in its planning on a year-round strategy. "It is good when it fits on a beer mat," explained Tourism Director Martin Bachofner a thesis that was put forward in one of the numerous working sessions on this work. So the strategy building for the destination of Gstaad is now in place and it has indeed lived up to the claim of fitting on a beer mat [...]

The destination of Gstaad relies on a year-round strategy in its planning."It's good when it fits on a beer mat," said tourism director Martin Bachofner, explaining a thesis put forward in one of the many working sessions on the work. The strategy building for the Destination Gstaad now stands and it has actually fulfilled the claim to find space on a beer mat. This beer mat was distributed and explained to the interested public on Wednesday.Gstaad as a year-round destination The beer mat symbolizes the strategy building, which represents the basis and guard rails for future development in the tourism environment. It contains the vision of Gstaad as a year-round destination.Alpine authenticity makes uniqueThe central values on which future action is based are alpine authenticity and the uniqueness of the region. The areas of enjoyment, cultural landscape, townscape and meeting/socializing/networking are based on concepts such as close to nature, active enjoyment and recreation, natural values and traditions. In all efforts, the guests' needs are always in the foreground. Gstaad builds on core competencies such as professionalism, hospitality and discretion.Maintain strong brandThe protected word and image trademark Gstaad and its slogan "Come up, slow down" enjoy a high reputation worldwide. Numerous business ideas want to profit from this prestige value. Only if the criteria for using the trademark are observed can this prestige value be maintained. Protecting the values associated with it is another key course of action.Four product linesAll activities and cooperations with regional and international partners are bundled under the four focus product lines Mountain Experience White, Mountain Experience Green, Lifestyle/Reputation and Touring. Gstaad Marketing GmbH, which will take over the marketing tasks of Gstaad Saanenland Tourism and Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG as of November 1, 2016, is also specifically oriented towards these four blocks.

  • Mountain experience white - products examples: Skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, Nordic touring, ice sports (curling, ice), winter biking, winter driving training,
  • Mountain Experience Green - Product Examples: Hiking, climbing and other mountain experiences, road bike, mountain bike (enjoyable oriented flow trails), e-bike, cross country bike, agro products (cheese production), excursion guest on mountains. Here the credo is: The focus as a "year-round destination" is to be further developed.
  • Lifestyle / Reputation - Product Examples: Culture (fine arts, alpine festivals, tradition/handicrafts), events (Gstaad Menuhin Festival, Country Night Gstaad, Tennis, Beach Volley, Sommets Musicaux, Polo, Snow Bike Fesival) as well as the high quality gastronomy.
  • Touring - Products examples: Experiences along the section of the Grand Tour of Switzerland by Switzerland Tourism that passes through the destination of Gstaad, experiences with the Golden Pass or on a Bollywood tour.
The coaster symbolizes the strategy building.

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