Study: This is how effective advertising on Tiktok is

A new study by Mediaanalyzer examines the impact of various advertising spots on social media. It showed that getting everything right is a very fine line.

Social media platforms have taken on a central role in the modern marketing landscape. A recent study by Mediaanalyzer is therefore dedicated to the impact of various advertising spots on social media. To this end, twelve commercials from different brands were analyzed in order to capture a broad spectrum of advertising formats and their influence on the target group.

Using a specially developed tool, similar to the well-known formats of Tiktok and Instagram Reels, the commercials were presented in a vertical full-screen mode typical of social media and reactions such as swiping were measured. The results of this study offer insights into the mechanisms that determine the effectiveness of advertising in this fast-moving and ever-growing arena.

Spots under the magnifying glass

Fielmann: Image spots can be short

Although the Fielmann commercial only has a short running time, it shows remarkable results in terms of brand recall and engagement. The commercial has a surprisingly high recall value. This is particularly remarkable given that it was a very short commercial. The spot was swiped away more often than average in the first few seconds. This could indicate that although immediate attention was high, the short duration was not sufficient to promote deeper engagement.

VW: The early brand scares off the worm

As an established brand, Volkswagen opted for a direct entry with the brand logo. This approach had both positive and negative effects on viewer reactions. The immediate presentation of the brand led to strong recall. Study participants remembered the ad effectively, which underlines the importance of branding. It was also interesting to note that showing the logo early led to test subjects wiping the ad away earlier than average. This underlines the balancing act in advertising: on the one hand, it is important not to place the brand too late in order to maximize the branding effect. On the other hand, placing the brand too early can increase the risk of viewers immediately turning away from the advertisement.

Duplo: Interactive is king

The Duplo commercial, which also focuses on interactivity and is not exclusively product-centered, proved to be above averagely successful. The analysis of the open responses revealed almost exclusively positive comments, which indicates a very positive reception of the commercial. Viewers associated the commercial with terms such as delicious, fun and friendship, which underlines the successful communication of the intended messages and values. The interactivity of the ad led to a lower level of premature swiping at the beginning of the ad. This suggests that the format of the commercial encouraged viewers to wait and see what followed. This strategy appears to have been effective as it encouraged the audience to give the ad a chance to get its message across. An interesting detail is the use of a photo booth in the commercial. A motif that is often used in films and series to symbolize romantic or friendly themes. The emotionality generated by the ad was above average, indicating that the ad was able to emotionally appeal to and engage many viewers.

The core results at a glance

1. short commercials are more effective: The analysis has confirmed that brevity often correlates with a better effect. Commercials that are less than ten seconds long have a higher chance of being watched to the end.

2. delayed brand placement: Immediate presentation of the logo can be counterproductive. A short wait of around two to four seconds before the brand introduction can improve the engagement rate.

3. importance of interactivity and creativity: Interactive and creative elements in commercials promote engagement and positive reception by the audience.

4. enjoy uniqueness with caution: Approaches that are too unusual or bizarre can put the audience off. It is important to dose creativity in such a way that it remains appealing to the target group and does not overwhelm them.

5. clear, simple message: Due to the shortened attention span, you should not want too much, but choose one message per spot.

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