Instagram is the most popular platform across generations

Anyone who invests heavily in social media communication wants to know where their target groups are moving and what they are consuming. The latest edition of Xeit's social media study includes a generational check on this topic. When comparing platforms in terms of social media use, Instagram stands out in particular - as the common denominator for all generations.

The Xeit agency surveyed the social media usage behavior of over 1000 people living in Switzerland. The study looked at questions such as: Which social media platforms are Swiss people active on and how much time do they spend there? Which target groups are reached by influencer marketing? Where are users particularly receptive to marketing content? What content do they prefer to engage with? And where do you meet Gen X, Y and Z most often?

Snapchat as the hidden champion of Gen Z

According to the survey, Instagram is by far the most popular platform across all generations, followed by YouTube and Facebook. According to their own statements, this is where users spend the most time.

However, when usage is broken down by generation, differences become apparent. Instagram is also the most used platform among Gen Z with 40%, closely followed by TikTok with 27% and YouTube with 15%. The stable usage figures for Snapchat are also noteworthy: as many as 12% of Gen Z say they spend most of their time there.

(Graphic: Xeit)

YouTube is underestimated

The use of social media in Switzerland is diverse and dynamic. New trends and developments are shaping the digital behavior of the Swiss population. As part of its study, Xeit also took a look at current developments.

The agency found that no other platform in Switzerland is as widespread and at the same time as underestimated as YouTube. In addition, every second Swiss person can be found on LinkedIn. They often also follow companies there. And while platform X is losing relevance, the Instagram platform Threads is well positioned to take over from the short messaging service. WhatsApp remains the most popular messenger. The instant messenger is also the most used app for stories - which are called "Status" on WhatsApp.

In terms of formats, short videos are still on the rise, with Instagram being the most important platform for this. Furthermore, video content is now just as popular as images, and more than half of Swiss people listen to podcasts. However, social commerce continues to struggle in Switzerland.

Xeit also found that one in four Swiss people take a short digital break every day by switching off their cell phone.

For its latest study, Xeit researched trends in the use of social media in Switzerland. To this end, the agency generated numerical findings on the use of Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and the like in Switzerland and compared the platforms. This was done to find out where the most time needs to be invested and where the focus should be when it comes to social media and marketing. The participants were asked about social networking, social business, live communication, blogs, podcasts and influencers, generation check: Boomer to GenZ at a glance, and online vs. offline behavior.

The full report can be downloaded ordered here be

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