Meta allows more AI content with warnings

The Facebook group Meta will leave more photos and videos created or manipulated by artificial intelligence (AI) with warnings on its platforms instead of deleting them.


With this change, Meta is following the recommendation of its independent supervisory body, which feared that freedom of speech would be restricted. The relaxation does not apply to content containing hate speech, bullying or misinformation about elections, as the company announced on Friday.

Meta wants to label content as "Made with AI" based on the metadata of the files, among other things. In addition, in-house technology will be used to automatically recognize posts created with AI. The new rules will apply to Facebook, Instagram and the short message service Threads.

Labels will be introduced in May

Thanks to advances in AI technology, it is becoming increasingly easy to have deceptively real-looking images - and now also videos - created by software. This can also be used to manipulate public opinion. In cases where this risk is particularly high, Meta wants to place additional markings in a particularly prominent position.

The new labels are to be introduced in May. Meta then plans to abandon its previous more restrictive approach to AI content in July. (SDA)

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