Tiktok agency Equipe One with new CEO series

A new moving image format from Equipe One accompanies CEOs and takes a look behind the scenes. It starts with Jens Breu, CEO of the SFS Group, followed by Marc Gläser, CEO of Stöckli.

Image: Screenshot; Equipe One, Youtube.

CEOs for a day and gain an insight not only into their work, but also into their personality: Equipe One's video format "A day of a CEO" offers this glimpse behind the scenes of large companies. The format is designed not only to enable us to understand the strategic decisions and daily challenges faced by executives, but also to recognize their individual approach and personal values.

The first video of the new format is already available on YouTube: Jens Breu, CEO of the SFS Group, and Equipe One GmbH are the first to provide an insight into his everyday life. With success: the first video has already recorded 19,231 views within the first six days. Further insights, including with Marc Gläser, CEO of Stöckli, will follow shortly.




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