EU Commission opens proceedings against TikTok

After Elon Musk's platform X, the EU Commission is now targeting TikTok. The authority is taking action against the Chinese platform under a new EU law.

The European Commission is opening proceedings against the online platform TikTok. The aim is to investigate whether TikTok is doing enough to prevent the distribution of illegal content and has violated EU rules on the protection of minors and advertising transparency, as the EU Commission announced in Brussels on Monday.

According to the Commission, it had already conducted a preliminary investigation. Its findings had led to formal proceedings being initiated against TikTok. The possible infringements also involve TikTok not doing enough to ensure that the app does not encourage addictive behavior. Remedial measures, such as age checks to protect minors so that they are excluded from certain content, may not be effective, according to the Commission.

Online platforms have an obligation due to EU law

Almost exactly two months ago, the EU opened similar proceedings against X (formerly Twitter). This concerned, among other things, posts about the Gaza war. Online platforms are obliged by a new EU law on digital services (DSA) to take strict action against illegal content such as hate speech and incitement to hatred online.

Since the law came into force, the Brussels authority has sent a list of questions to a number of large online platforms, including Facebook's parent company Meta and Snapchat. For example, they had to provide information on how they protect the mental health of young people.

The platforms must provide their users with information about ads - for example, why they are being shown the ads and who has paid for them. In addition, minors are to be given special protection. For example, it is forbidden to target them with advertising based on personal data. (SDA/swi)

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