Meta Performance Talks: Why the Conversion API is the key to success for Migros Online

In the Meta Performance Talk with Beat Hürlimann, Philippe Roch, Head of Digital Marketing at Migros Online, provides insights into his role and the future of digital marketing. Roch emphasizes the role of AI and automation in marketing, highlights the success of meta platforms such as Shopping Advantage Plus and shares insights into innovative campaigns from Migros Online.

Philippe Roch (right) at the Meta Peformance Talks with presenter and editor Beat Hürlimann

One focus of the discussion is on the challenges facing e-commerce, particularly Migros Online, in the context of seasonality. Roch provides insights into his team's strategy, which is based on dynamic headlines and special product feeds to achieve broad customer loyalty. He emphasizes the crucial role of the Conversion API, which not only enables accurate measurement of success, but also improved optimization of performance.

Of particular note is Roch's focus on trust in the measured results. He explains how the implementation of the Conversion API at Migros Online led to impressive results, including a 17 percent increase in purchase events and a 23 percent increase in "add to cart" KPIs. This illustrates not only the successful use of technology, but also the need to bridge the gap between different platforms, such as Facebook and Google.

Beat Hürlimann (left) in lively conversation with Philippe Roch

The interview concludes with Roch's well-founded recommendation for constant AB testing and the continuous willingness to learn in the changing marketing environment. His appeal is to test, learn and always be open to new insights. This comprehensive performance talk therefore not only offers an insight into Migros Online's strategic approaches, but also into Roch's visionary perspective on the future of digital marketing.

Curious about the whole conversation? Click here for the video:

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