Meta Performance Talks: "Why Webrepublic swears by reels and advantage shopping"

Webrepublic is a pioneer in performance marketing. The agency with over 240 experts looks after well-known brands. In the Meta Performance Talk, Werbewoche editor Beat Hürlimann talks to Niels Niemann from Webrepublic about the role of AI and personalization, the connection between performance and creativity, and new, tried-and-tested tools from Meta.

Trends in digital marketing and the role of AI

Personalization is undoubtedly an outstanding trend. The more precisely the content is tailored to the target group, the more effective the advertising results. This underlines the importance of customized content for a convincing performance. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a central role here. AI algorithms and automation are essential for tailoring creative content and ads precisely to users. The potential of AI is already significant today and will become even more important in the coming years. 

Beat Hürlimann (left) and Niels Niemann in the Meta Performance Talk.

Meta tools and performance

Webrepublic successfully uses meta tools such as Instagram Reels, especially with younger target groups. The campaigns for M-Budget are an exemplary area of application, where reels have contributed significantly to interaction and reach. Meta tools such as Advantage Shopping also play a key role in optimizing performance campaigns.

The importance of the "holiday season" for digital marketing

The holiday season (Q4) is crucial for social media marketing and digital marketing in general. Webrepublic takes a year-round test-and-learn approach to draw on insights in Q4 and execute successful campaigns during the holiday season.

You can watch the whole conversation in the following video.

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