Ese Agency turns kids into comedy stars for Migros

For Spinmania, Migros' collective promotion around the little wooden spinning tops, the agency ESE Agency now brings numerous content measures for social media, where children are in the spotlight.

In the big fall promotion of Migros ( reported), everything revolves around small wooden spinning tops that can be put together to form figures. The Wirz Group has breathed life into these toys with an innovative design concept and created an entire fairytale world around the figures. Ese Agency is now also staging the Migros collection campaign on social media with authentic reactions to the fun of playing and collecting.

Migros surprised kids on the street with the lively spinning tops and sparked enthusiasm with the promotion. The agency used them as real testimonials for its social media content and thus made the children themselves the social media face. In various videos, there are topics directly from the reality of life of the target group between 4 and 10 years. Another children's presenter went on a collection hunt at the point-of-sale. With one goal: to complete his collection. "Wettsch tüschle?" - and the children's eyes lit up.

ESE Agency follows up with the social media campaign: The video productions for the Migros campaigns "Support Culture" and "M-Escape: Spook in Migros" are now followed by the third strike. From conception to production, ESE Agency took the (creative) lead and implemented the videos in three national languages.

Concept Agency: Elia Binelli, Emanuel Ernst, Damian Steffen, Aline Braun. Production Agency: Moira Meier, Ian Weber, Elia Gagliotta. Responsible Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Delia Candolo, Stephanie Künzler.

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