Study by Flin: National Councilors use social media especially in election year

According to a study by Flin, many national councilors use social media primarily in election years. Only five percent also use all six of the platforms studied - Facebook, Instagram, X, Linkedin, Tiktok and YouTube - during the rest of the year.


Overall, 20 percent of council members would have a profile on all of these popular social media platforms, Zurich-based agency Flin reported Wednesday. Facebook continues to be the social medium most used by councilors, it said, with 92 percent of councilors having a Facebook profile and 87 percent also publishing posts on it in 2023.

On the other hand, only twelve percent of council members have an active presence on YouTube, the second most used platform for Swiss citizens, the statement said.

So far, Tiktok has been little used. Only one in four council members had a corresponding profile, and only 9 percent maintained it regularly, according to the report. It is striking that the parties used the various platforms with varying degrees of intensity.

The analysis also showed that five members of the National Council were completely absent from social media during the period under review.

The survey was based on the 200 members of the National Council who were standing for re-election in July 2023 or for election to the Council of States in October. (SDA/pd/swi)

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