Finna conducts two-day social media AI workshop

After the successful first AI webinar last June, the Finna agency is following up with a two-day workshop in Zurich at the beginning of September. The workshop is primarily intended to impart knowledge around the combination of social media and artificial intelligence and to show how one can realize one's own campaigns and productions using AI in everyday life.

Marina Fischer and Noah Zygmont, the founding duo of Finna. (Image: zVg.)

According to Finna, the free AI webinar held in June was a success. Now the agency is following up: On September 1 and 2, the agency will hold a two-day workshop in Zurich. "The webinar was a complete success and the demand for a workshop was greater than we had thought," says Finna Co-Founder Noah Zygmont. Now, he says, they want to offer a hands-on and social media-focused workshop to sharpen understanding of how to work with artificial intelligence.

"In the workshop, we primarily want to give an understanding of the use of AI in the area of social media and show how you can fully implement your marketing campaigns in this area," Zygmont continues. "In addition, its use in video production is also a hot topic, which we are now very familiar with and want to share tips on."

While the first day focuses on theory, on the second day the most important practical tips will be passed on to the participants by experts. In the workshop, the participants will learn more about the various possibilities of using AI and find out for themselves how it can be used in their own company on a daily basis.

Where the two-day workshop will take place will be communicated by the agency in a timely manner. Participants can decide for themselves whether to book only the theory part on the first day or the combination of theory and practice on both days. The number of participants is limited.

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