Twitter responsible for fight against hate speech goes

This is the second time Twitter has had to fill the post with responsibility for fighting hate speech since Elon Musk took over.

Twitter will bis 2023 Umsatz verdoppeln

Top manager Ella Irwin, who has been in charge until now, confirmed to the magazine on Friday that Fortunethat she is no longer employed at Twitter. Information on the background was not initially disclosed. Irwin's predecessor, Yael Roth, had left Twitter in November a few weeks after Musk bought the company and subsequently criticized its course in dealing with problematic content.

Musk had taken over Twitter with the announcement that he stood for "absolute" freedom of speech. This immediately raised concerns that Twitter would slacken in its fight against hate speech and insults on the platform. Several major advertisers paused their ad activity because they feared a negative environment for their brands.

According to some studies, there is now more hate speech on the platform, Musk denies this. Over the weekend, it became known that Twitter left a voluntary EU agreement to fight the spread of misinformation online. (SDA)

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