Against Hate Speech: Kingfluencers organizes influencer event

Hate comments and hate speech are widespread on social media and are unfortunately already part of "normality" these days. To set an example against hate speech, Kingfluencers organized an influencer event to draw more attention to this important topic.

Again and again, the agency is confronted with questions around the topic: "Do you have any advice for dealing with hate speech? How do I deal with hate comments?" According to Kingfluencers, TikToker:ins in particular would have to struggle a lot with hate comments, as anonymity is extremely present on TikTok. This anonymity - for example with the help of fake profiles - makes it easy for users to leave hate comments.

As a contact for creators and partner of the Conscious Influence Hub, Kingfluencers has made it its mission to address hate speech. As a link between brands and creators, the agency feels obligated to also create awareness for unflattering topics and to pick up where others look away. "In addition to successful campaigns, it is even more important to us to communicate the right values and guidelines and to serve as a support for creators in order to professionalize the Swiss influencer market," says Tamara Glück Gonzalez, Senior Influencer Strategist at Kingfluencers.

For this reason, Kingfluencers organized the event "Together with Kingfluencers against Hate Speech", which took place on Thursday in Zurich together with the team and creators such as Kris Grippo, Taulant Gashnjani, Sarah Leutenegger and many other influencers. A survey conducted at the event underscored the relevance of the topic: over 87 percent of the creators on site had already experienced hate speech.

Anja Lapcevic, Managing Director of the Conscious Influence Hub, presented expert tips and tricks for dealing with hate online. In addition, content creators Kris Grippo and Taulant Gashnjani shared their personal experiences and explained how they deal with hate online. Comedian Taulant also takes a humorous approach to the whole thing: "I usually send back a yawning emoji or a loving heart."

The tips Kris Grippo gave the guests were as follows:

  1. Don't ignore the issue of hate speech, but ignore hate comments if they bother you
  2. Remains polite and businesslike
  3. Block or report the hate comment
  4. Seek support
  5. Sets a sign

Kingfluencers' other engagements include its own initiative, "Mental-Health Check-In," which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues related to social media. In January, Kingfluencers launched "Compare yourself on social media", followed by "(un)healthy social media use" and "Role model function" in collaboration with the Conscious Influence Hub. All three themes serve to educate and increase awareness of Mental Health Issues. This month, they are now appropriately dedicating to the topic of Hate Speech.

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