Twitter subscription customers can write longer tweets

Twitter is giving its paying subscribers the ability to publish tweets up to 10,000 characters long. Boldface and italics are now also supported, Twitter announced on Friday.

Twitter owner Elon Musk is focusing more on subscription revenue after a slump in advertising revenue and wants to make the paid service Twitter Blue more attractive with more features and reach. Authors who pay for Blue can now also sell reading subscriptions for their posts directly on Twitter.

Originally, tweets could have up to 140 characters - the length of an SMS. A few years ago, the upper limit was doubled to 280 characters. Co-founder Jack Dorsey, as head at the time, did not want to change the essence of the platform with its short texts too much. The limit meant that longer texts were often published as a screen capture from another app.

Twitter sells the Blue subscription in Switzerland for 10.00 francs per month. (SDA)

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