YouTube Music establishes private radio stations

With the new "Radio Builder" feature from YouTube Music, users can create their own personal radio stations with up to 30 artists. Several filters can also be used to specify the mood and style of the music mix.

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"With this new radio feature, we are turning the familiar system on its head and encouraging users to create their own radio stations from scratch by combining key musical building blocks such as artists and general music descriptions," citing TechCrunch from an email statement from YouTube. This would give users more control over their music enjoyment. "Now they can compile their music in many different ways that were not previously available," the company said.

The tool can be selected in the "Your music tuner" section on the corresponding website and via iOS or Android app and is supposed to be ready for use from anywhere YouTube Music can be reached. It's aimed primarily at music lovers:inside who want more freedom and control over what content the algorithm plays them. "YouTube Music already had a whole range of stations and mixes put together by algorithms. The fact that you can now control these yourself is a great option," said Google spokesman Paul Pennington.

Genre and mood filters

With the help of the tool, users can select up to 30 different artists for their radio station. They also decide how often these artists appear in the playlists. Specific filter settings are used to narrow down the musical genre or mood of the tracks played. Another setting can be used to define whether only the initially selected artists or also similar artists from a broader music spectrum are to be played. (pte/swi)

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