Canton St. Gallen warns against fake accounts on Instagram

The canton of St. Gallen warns against fraudsters who appear on the social media platform Instagram with the coat of arms of St. Gallen and promise to win smartphones. The State Chancellery recommends not to follow these fake accounts.

(Screenshot: Instagram/Cantonsg)

Since this week, fraudsters with fake St. Gallen accounts have been up to mischief, according to a statement by the St. Gallen State Chancellery on Friday. The official coat of arms and partly other published contents of the canton were copied.

The scammer accounts are easy to spot, they say. They are private, have no blue checkmark next to the profile name and only a few followers and few posts. Instead of the correct account name of the canton of St. Gallen "@kantonsg", the scammers use similar names like "@kantonsg2".

The St. Gallen State Chancellery is in contact with the law enforcement authorities. It asks the population to be careful on social media. Fake accounts could be reported directly on Instagram. (SDA)

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