This is how well Swiss food retailers perform on Tiktok

Mbusiness' Tiktok ticker shows which are the most successful food retailers on the video platform. The top three: Coop, Migros, Aldi Suisse.

More and more food retailers in German-speaking Switzerland are integrating Tiktok into their social media strategy. With short videos in which they present new products, share recipes or portray employees, they are winning over a steadily growing number of followers. Particularly popular with the community are videos that take a humorous look at everyday shopping situations. The key to success on Tiktok is a coherent mix of entertainment and added value.

For the Tiktok Ticker, Mbusiness has now once again investigated which food retailers perform best. Six months ago, the company already compiled a ranking for this purpose - in July 2022, Coop led the ranking in terms of follower numbers, followed by Migros and Aldi Suisse. Nothing has changed in this order.

83 videos in six months

With 83 videos in six months, Coop posted significantly more videos than the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund with 37 videos. Thanks to this strategy, Coop was able to further extend its lead and achieve an increase of 18,500 followers. Manor joined in July 2022 and got off to a fast start. The company also chose a strategy with a lot of video content, which had a positive effect on the number of followers. Manor was by far the most active Swiss grocer. There were 130 videos posted with many already familiar Tiktok faces.

Volg Konsumwaren experienced rapid growth to over 4,000 followers between June and July 2022. A video with the apprentice Adelisa achieved 280,000 views and generated many likes, comments and shares. Videos with a less personal structure did not resonate as much with the audience, which is why growth slowed down in the past six months.

Spar Schweiz went online on December 6, 2022 and was able to gain 4,397 followers in a short time. The videos always include customers as well. Denner launched the TikTok account in November 2022, and according to the ranking, no clear strategy is yet apparent. Only five videos were posted in the last six months.

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