EU Commission threatens Tiktok with ban

The Chinese video app TikTok is repeatedly criticized for insufficient data security and lack of protection. Due to life-threatening content, the EU Commission is threatening sanctions.

TikTokThe EU Commission has threatened the head of the video app Tiktok, Shou Zi Chew, with far-reaching sanctions. This should his company not comply with European rules in the future.

It is unacceptable that users can access dangerous content within a few seconds via seemingly harmless features. This was announced by EU Commissioner Thierry Breton after a conversation with Chew. He was also concerned about allegations that journalists were being spied on and that personal data was being transferred to places outside Europe.

EU digital services law

"I have signaled very clearly to Shou Zi Chew that it is necessary to take care of compliance with EU legislation." He said this is especially true for the new EU digital services law, which will apply to large platforms from Sept. 1, 2023.

"We will not hesitate to adopt all possible sanctions if audits do not show full compliance," he added. The new EU law also allows for a ban on services in the EU in the event of repeated serious violations that endanger the lives or safety of people.

The Internet platform Tiktok has long been criticized for, among other things, inadequate data security and a lack of protection for young users. It is feared, for example, that the Chinese state could have access to Tiktok data. Tiktok rejects this.

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