Instagram with new website and schedulable posts

Instagram has redesigned its own website to be more user-friendly on larger screens. The new design is being rolled out gradually and is primarily intended to make navigation and the previously rather awkward switching between different tabs easier. At the same time, a long-awaited feature has been launched in the form of "Scheduled Posts".

(Screenshot: Mosseri)

"We know that many people use the Internet to multitask, so we want to make sure that our website offers the best possible user experience in this regard," explains Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on the occasion of the launch of the new homepage design and the new features in a video statement on Twitter. He added that the company's own site is now more clearly structured and much faster and easier to use. "The new look takes advantage of larger screens, which are becoming more and more the norm," the company boss emphasized.

Those familiar with the old design of the Instagram website might actually need some time to find their way around the new site. While menus for posting messages or viewing reels were previously firmly anchored at the top of the page, they are now positioned in a side bar on the screen. This bar expands or shrinks based on the screen size that is currently being used.

Post already plannable in advance

In addition to the new website look, the Instagram community can also look forward to a feature that many content producers and social media managers have been waiting for: Scheduled Posts. This feature, which was already tested for business accounts in August, allows users to schedule their posts in advance for a longer period of time directly in the Instagram app. "You asked for it, and we listened. With the new scheduling tool, you can schedule a photo, carousel posts and reels up to 75 days in advance," Instagram's Creators account reads. (pte/swi)

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