Lindt Home of Chocolate goes into extension with Erdmannpeisker

In a pitch, Erdmannpeisker came out on top with a social media campaign and will take care of the museum's communications for two more years.

The "Lindt Home of Chocolate" has been open for two years and, despite Corona, has become a popular Swiss sweet spot. In spring, the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation invited to the pitch for the communication for the next two years, Erdmannpeisker could prevail again. The agency was able to convince the museum with a social media campaign, which can now be seen on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and now also on Tiktok. The campaign includes more than 20 different video assets for posts and stories, which are used as content and advertising material.

Responsible at the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation: Martina Kessler (Marketing). Responsible at erdmannpeisker: Sybille Erdmann (Consulting), Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Christina Weisser (Art Direction), Laura Fässler (Motion Designer). Film/Photo: SeyHey, Laura Fässler.

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