Startup Utempla aims to streamline social media marketing

The startup company Utempla is well on its way to fundamentally changing the global marketing market.

According to a survey by Vertical Response, 44 percent of all companies worldwide use social networks to attract new customers and increase company sales. Every day, company employees spend about an hour of their work time on social media marketing, according to Content Factory.

The founders of Utempla found a solution on how to streamline the routine business process of content creation and developed the Marketplace with already written texts for social media. Any company can buy texts already written by professionals for their market niche and target audience, adapt them to their needs and publish them in a matter of seconds.

Costs significantly reduced

Selecting an appropriate text, taking into account the company's niche, marketing goals, language and other criteria, takes only 10 seconds, and customization takes another five. As a result, companies save up to 99 percent of the time spent on content creation every day and bring quality of texts to a first-class level. Utempla's subscription reduces the cost of copywriting by ten times.

Michael Johner, founder of Konektra, says: "As a design furniture brand, we pursue a clear strategy of interacting directly with the end customer. In doing so, we are constantly in need of innovative and exciting texts on all our platforms such as website, social media, PR, blog and marketplaces. By integrating Utempla, we will be able to significantly reduce our internal as well as external effort in creating this content in the future."

Maxim Avdeev, co-founder of Utempla, is convinced that "the usual techniques for creating texts for social networks and newsletters are a thing of the past. In their place is a new approach to working with texts, which is more effective, innovative and at the same time easier. The idea of helping millions of businesses make working with text easier, cheaper and more convenient."

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