Admeira and Kingfluencers: TV Influencer spots with Ochsner Shoes successfully launched

Admeira launched a new advertising format together with Kingfluencers in July with the Influencer spot. The successful premiere with Ochsner Shoes proved that this can maximize social media campaigns cost-effectively thanks to the additional TV reach generated.

The campaign for Ochsner Shoes was planned and implemented together with the Swiss full-service agency for influencer and digital influence marketing Kingfluencers. Ochsner Shoes is the number 1 in Switzerland in value shoe retail. The TV spot stars the two Influencers Whitney Toyloy and Alison Liaudat. The novel form of advertising ran for the first time on SRF zwei in July.

After only one week with 26 spot broadcasts, the campaign was seen by over 1 million viewers in German-speaking Switzerland. The goals of Ochsner Shoes were successfully achieved: positioning the brand among the young target group and increasing awareness of the Ochsner Shoes brand. In addition, the campaign generated many positive reactions among customers. Lorena Campa, Content & Social Media Manager at Ochsner Shoes, is very pleased with the result: "We are very happy with the new form of advertising and have a new tool that perfectly combines the two media of TV and social media.

Yoeri Callebaut, Co-CEO & Chief Growth & Marketing Oficer of Kingfluencers, is also pleased with the goals achieved: "The essence of what makes Influencer Marketing so efective, namely proximity, authenticity and relatability was combined with the powerful medium of television for the first time with this premiere. By cost-effectively boosting KPIs, the Influencer spot can be seen as an innovative performance marketing tool that maximizes the ROI of any campaign and takes Influencer Marketing to a completely new level."

Advertising form for young target group

After Ochsner Shoes, other advertisers can now also profit from the unbeatable reach and high credibility of the medium of television in combination with Influencer Marketing. Campaigns are possible with existing video content from the most popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Co. In Switzerland, the Influencer TV spot can be booked exclusively on all channels in the Admeira portfolio and via Kingfluencers.

The Influencer spot makes it even easier to get in touch with the young target group. This is because they are not only active on Instagram, TikTok, etc. They also watch a lot of TV and for a long time. 15- to 29-year-olds in Switzerland spend around 108 minutes a day in front of the TV set.

Possible implementation of an Influencer spot.

Simple implementation

The Influencer spot consists of up to three 15-second short videos in the style of high-format social media content pieces, which are prepared as TV commercials. The video content can be adopted 1:1 from the brand's existing Influencer campaigns, so that added value is generated cost-effectively by reusing the content. The Influencer spot can be placed in the regular advertising blocks on the TV stations in the Admeira portfolio. In addition, there is the option of booking a first or last placement to generate even more attention for the campaign.

"The campaign with Ochsner Shoes was a great success. The combination of Influencer components with the power of a TV spot exceeded our expectations in terms of impact. This newly created format is a real innovation in the TV advertising environment," says Frank Zelger, CEO of TV marketer Admeira, delighted with the premiere.


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