Meta reaches attractive target groups better - and cheaper - than TV

A cross-media reach study by GfK and Meta Schweiz shows that Facebook, like Instagram, reaches 15- to 34-year-olds disproportionately well compared to traditional TV.

Based on the GfK Campaign Performance Analysis (CPA) method, which is now also available in Switzerland after other European markets, the study provides novel insights into the contributions of different media to campaign performance.

For example, what reach and contact frequency TV and meta platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and in some cases YouTube contributed to the overall reach. Or what incremental reach was achieved by individual channels in cross-media campaigns, which target groups were addressed by the various media, and how cost-efficient the various channels were in building reach.

More reach in relation to the budget

The most significant findings from the study: The budget share of meta is still quite low compared to TV; meta budgets averaged CHF 128,000 net, while TV budgets averaged CHF 3 million gross. Despite the low budget share, Facebook and Instagram achieved high net reach. With the given budgets, Meta achieved an average reach of 35 percent among 15-74 year olds, TV reached 61 percent. At its peak, Meta achieved 54 percent reach, TV 67 percent.

TV and meta platforms complement each other well, and both media have a high proportion of exclusive reach compared to the other medium; on average, 44 percent of the people reached via meta were not reached on TV. In comparable studies in Germany, this figure was 37 percent. Meta delivers a very efficient cost per Gross Rating Point (GRP), averaging CHF 425 net.

Meta platforms are scalable: The share of exclusive reach remains high, even with increasing total reach. The costs per GRP remain relatively low at 100 to 750 Swiss francs in the measured budget spectrum of 25,000 Swiss francs to 340,000 Swiss francs as the total reach increases....

Meta reaches attractive target groups for advertisers: Both Facebook and Instagram reach a disproportionate number of 15- to 34-year-olds, while the share of over-55s is only 9 percent (TV: 29 percent). The proportion of unemployed/retired people is 47 percent lower in the meta audience than on TV.

Basis: 12 studies on campaigns from 2021 to 2022

The reach study comprises 12 studies on campaigns that were played out on meta platforms and on TV from 2021 to 2022 and is based on GfK's Campaign Performance Analysis solution, which measures contacts between individual members and campaigns in various media in a single-source panel with 6,200 members. Both on the meta platforms and on TV, the campaigns ran for an average of just under seven weeks. Campaigns of different sizes were measured - the TV campaigns had gross budgets of CHF 1.2 - 7.8 million.

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