Twitch streamers get a share of the revenue

The live streaming video portal Twitch wants to reduce the barriers to entry for content producers in the booming advertising business.

To achieve this goal, the online portal has now opened up its in-house Ads Incentive Program (AIP) to more streamers and at the same time changed the payment scheme for advertising money. Instead of a fixed lump sum, producers will now be paid a percentage of sales and thus earn significantly more, according to the Californian company.

50 to 150 percent more revenue

"A few months ago, we unveiled a new ad management tool and AIP. With this, we wanted to make it easier to manage insertions and test out a new way to provide content creators with a more reliable and higher income," reads the Twitch company blog. These changes have generated "a lot of positive feedback" within the user community, it said. "That's why we're now taking it a step further," explain those responsible.

First of all, they want to allow more streamers in general to participate in the AIP. "We're opening our barn doors wide open to reach more content partners than ever before," the video portal emphasizes. It's also increasing the payout rate. Instead of a fixed lump sum per 1,000 ad views, producers will now receive a percentage of revenue. "55 percent of the revenue per ad in a stream will go to the streamer. For the vast majority, this brings a 50 to 150 percent increase in revenue," the experts calculate.

Not lucrative for affiliates until August

According to Twitch, the new general conditions for advertising do not yet apply to participants in the affiliate program. These will then have the opportunity to benefit from the 55 percent share from August at the latest. To do so, however, they must display advertising in their streams for at least three minutes per hour. If they make the appropriate setting in their Ads Manager, they will thankfully be freed from the pre-roll ads that are often perceived as annoying and are displayed before the start of a broadcast. (pressetext.)

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