Erdmannpeisker brings Dr.Oetker's pizza to Instagram

Dr.Oetker Pizza's Instagram community has now been around for a whole year. The Erdmannpeisker agency is responsible for the content of the Dr. Oetker frozen pizzas Instagram channel in Switzerland.

ErdmannpeiskerErdmannpeisker has created an Instagram-specific, fresh and independent look that applies to all Dr.Oetker Pizza Brands. This is a first in the Dr.Oetker brand world. In addition to pizza content, Erdmannpeisker relies on contests, daily posts and collaboration with influencers. In addition, selected posts are boosted by Havas Media and thus made visible to a larger target group. With these measures, Erdmannpeisker says it has been able to build a dedicated community over the past year.

The Instagram channel is primarily used as a platform to provide social media campaigns in the Paid area with a clear sender and to use individual posts created specifically for the channel as social media advertising media. In addition, the newly established Instagram channel was also used for several national word-of-mouth campaigns and influencer campaigns last year and was an important part of the campaign around the new launch of "The Good Baker" pizzas.

Responsible for Dr.Oetker Switzerland: Valentina Mejenina (Media and Communications Manager), Helen Yildirim (Product Manager Pizza). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (creative direction), Jenny Ziörjen (content producer and graphic designer), Selina Helbling (consulting), Laura Fässler (motion design), Havas Media (media planning).

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