YouTube tests emojis for video clips

The video platform YouTube is going on the offensive when it comes to time-specific emoji reactions. As its parent company Google has announced, users of the site will in future be able to express their reactions at specific points in videos using emojis.

(Image: Unsplash/Cardmapr)

According to Google, the new feature, which the company is currently testing, will allow viewers and content producers to see how other users react to certain parts of uploaded videos. The company's goal is to "strengthen the sense of community.

Selected users can click on a reaction field in the comment sections of the videos and select corresponding emojis there, according to reports. Live, it will be displayed, anonymously for the time being, how other viewers have reacted. Individual emojis will be tested and added or deleted as needed.

Emulate competition

YouTube's experiment is a response to developments by competitors such as Facebook Live (Meta), Twitch and Instagram. What has so far only been possible for live videos on YouTube - seeing comments made by the community in a non-anonymized form - will then also be implemented for uploaded videos. Likes or comments are possible, and the dislike counter was changed to invisible in 2021. (pte)

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