Audio content and influencers win, Facebook and Instagram lose, says Gamned study

The results of the survey launched by "Gamned!" in November 2021 are finally available. The aim of the study was to obtain a meaningful analysis of the digital advertising market and its development.

The result is a summary of the current expectations of Swiss advertising professionals. Here are the key findings:

1 | Audio conquers first place

In 2021, Facebook, Instagram and display were the most frequently activated digital marketing strategies (18 percent). Search was in second place (15 percent). For 2022, however, agencies and advertisers are not planning the same strategies. Facebook & Instagram lose two places (16 percent) and find themselves behind Video & Linkedin (20 percent) and Audio, which now takes first place (35 percent).

2 | Raising awareness a priority

This year, respondents' top marketing challenges are increasing awareness of their brand (35 percent), generating sales (26 percent) and generating more qualified contacts/leads (20 percent).

3 | Influencer campaigns planned

In terms of digital innovation, 33 percent of brands want to test influencer campaigns this year, 26 percent want to test new formats such as interactive video, audio, DOOH and another 14 percent want to test cookie alternatives.

4 | Increasing popularity of Digital Out Of Home

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) offers many advantages over traditional billboard advertising. According to respondents, it is more flexible and time-saving (38 percent) and offers the possibility of centralized planning and reporting in real time (30 percent). In addition, the ability to access a larger market inventory (19 percent) is also seen as an advantage.

5 | Potential of influencer marketing recognized

Influencer marketing is a strategy that is becoming more established and integrated into brands' marketing strategies every year. Respondents see this advertising strategy as a way to increase audience engagement (43 percent), reach core audiences (24 percent) and also increase the reach of organic posts through paid media (20 percent).

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