YouTube hides "Dislike" numbers

YouTube will no longer show how many negative ratings a video has received. You will still be able to click the button with the lowered thumb, as the Google video platform explained on Thursday night. However, the "Dislike" number will only be visible to the author of the video.

YouTube had the problem that the button was sometimes misused for campaigns against individual users. This could be painful for the video authors, because with a high "Dislike" number, the distribution of the clips could also be restricted.

YouTube explained in a blog entry that their personal "dislikes" can still have an influence on the video selection that is suggested to individual users. The display of "likes" is not affected by the change.

The video platform is thus choosing a different path than Instagram and Facebook, where users have been able to do without the display of "Like" numbers for around half a year. Facebook and Instagram do not have a "Dislike" button anyway. (SDA)

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