First Swiss Tiktok Meet in Heidiland

Influential Swiss Tiktokers met for three days in the vacation region of Heidiland. The focus of the first Swiss Tiktok Meets was on exchange and the joint production of content.

The social media platform Tiktok Sie thrives on creative and entertaining short videos from its users. For the first time in this context, the big names of the Swiss Tiktok scene met for three days in the vacation region of Heidiland. Invited to the first Swiss Tiktok Meet were "Saturday.and.Sunday", who are themselves very successful on Tiktok with 1.1 million followers. A total of seven other influential Swiss Tiktokers answered the call. Among them was Thispronto, currently the biggest Tiktoker in Switzerland, whose account is followed by 12 million people.

Wakesurfing, mountain adventures and "night swimming

Since the vacation region of Heidiland is on the doorstep of "Saturday.and.Sunday" alias Loredana and Kilian Bamert, the question of the desired backdrop for the first creative meeting of this kind was quickly answered.

At the same time, Heidiland Tourism had been looking for opportunities to gain initial experience with the still young social media platform for some time. The tourism destination therefore took on the role of host together with its tourism partners and organized three varied days for the participants in the border region of the cantons of St. Gallen and Graubünden.

The focus of Tiktok Meets in Heidiland was not only on professional and personal exchange, but also on the joint production of content. The diverse range of leisure activities on site provided the framework for the necessary creativity. Wakesurfing on Lake Walen was on the agenda, as was tobogganing on the Flumserberg, mountain carting on the Pizol, or an exclusive "night swim" in the thermal water in the Tamina Spa in Bad Ragaz.

Stay innovative

By hosting the first big Tiktoker meetup in Switzerland, Heidiland Tourism is staying true to its line of not shying away from innovative ways as a small organization. "We were active on Instagram early on and in 2014 we were one of the first tourism organizations in Switzerland to organize an Instameet," recalls Adrian Pfiffner, Head of Corporate Communications at Heidiland Tourism.

The tourism organization is therefore all the more pleased that this path is now being continued and that initial experience can be gained with the still young social media platform Tiktok. "With the Tiktok Meet, we remain true to our content management strategy of addressing potential fans and guests with inspiring and entertaining content on a wide variety of channels."

At the first Tiktok Meet in Heidiland were beside the initiators Saturday.and.Sunday (1.1 million followers) the Tiktoker*innen Thispronto (12 million followers), Aditotoro (1.4 million followers), Kris8an (2 million followers), Jess.ontheWay (716.7 thousand followers), Nathistyle (193.7 thousand followers), Maelo (518 thousand followers) and Loris Zimmerli (253 thousand followers).

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