Jung von Matt Limmat is #ready with Swisscom

Swisscom has been working with Jung von Matt Limmat on social media since summer 2021. In a joint social media editorial team, the content experts from the two companies bring the communication platform #bereit to all of Swisscom's social media channels.

Jung von Matt Limmat's Social Driven Creativity team has recently started working for Swisscom. The Jung von Matt team strengthens Swisscom's existing social media editorial team with the aim of developing it further and taking it to the next level through strategic insights, topic focus and analytical power.

"We benefit from short lines of communication, joint creation and a sparring partner at eye level. And at the same time, we have the advantage of having the outside perspective in-house, so to speak, thanks to the Jung von Matt team," says Jeffrey Gabriel, Co-Head of Content & Social Media at Swisscom.

1TP3Ready for all channels

Before the start of the editorial collaboration, the teams developed the social strategy together. "We not only carried out a classic, global benchmark analysis, but also used the know-how of our German colleagues from Jung von Matt Flow to carry out a more in-depth data analysis," says Christoph Kinsperger, Executive Strategy Director PR & Content at Jung von Matt Limmat. The result is a content strategy that brings Swisscom's overarching communication platform #bereit to all of the telecommunications provider's social media channels.

The Swisscom and Jung von Matt Limmat teams coordinate closely in editorial meetings, collaboratively develop existing formats and implement new formats in a short time. "The newsroom approach gives us the opportunity to react quickly to communication issues and also to define the implementation together. This allows us to gain speed and get more and more familiar with each other as a team," says Kinsperger.

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