TrueStory for Migros Online: Shopping on Instagram

The Zurich agency TrueStory has designed and implemented a fresh Instagram presence for Migros Online. New features include "shoppable posts".

For a good six months now, Migros' online supermarket has no longer been called LeShop, but Migros Online. In addition to 2000 additional Migros products, the new shop also has an new Instagram appearance received.

In addition to the definition of a visual concept and the creation of a monthly content plan with ideas, assets and text, the "shoppable posts" play an important role. "We are very pleased that we were able to develop and implement a new social media concept in a friendly and uncomplicated collaboration with Migros Online. This extends the attractive online supermarket very simply and visually appealing on Instagram," says Michel Bognar, Head of Social Media at TrueStory.

Responsible at Migros Online: Philippe Roch (overall responsibility), Luke White (project management), Gitta Santandrea (text). Responsible at TrueStory: Michel Bognar (project management), Norbert Rieger (creation), Elie Kerbage (text).

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