Andy Was Right conquers the second screen for Sporttip during the European Championship

Andy Was Right produces quick video and social content for Sporttip during the European Championship to engage the target audience via smartphone. The Instagram channel grew by around 15 percent in June.

Andy Was Right produces for Sports tip during the European Championship, fast video and social content to engage the target group via smartphone. The Instagram channel grew by around 15 percent in June.
During ten match days, Andy Was Right produces several pieces of content per day, which are broadcast via Sporttip's digital channels. Before the matches, "oracle" videos picked up on the street are published, in which passers-by give their assessments of the result of the match. If possible, the videos are produced on the same day - social-first.

During the games, memes that address the current game events are intended to ensure proximity and relatability for the users. Fast workflows mean that content can be published just a few minutes after the live moment.

"Shows our newsroom character perfectly".

"We are very grateful to Sporttip for their trust. Our lean project structure allows us to publish content when it has the maximum impact," explains newsroom lead Leo Wehrli. "This collaboration exemplifies our strength as a content newsroom. Fast content, tailored to target audience and platform without compromise. We were even faster with certain posts than View and 20 minutes". According to Wehrli, people have a greater need than ever to check their smartphones during a game and see if other people have moved the same moments as they have. The viral image of the Swiss superfan is a perfect example of this, he says.

At Sporttip, the content is going down well. "The European Football Championship brings us exciting moments full of emotion," says Paola De Feo, Head of Product Management. "Together with Andy Was Right, we have made the most of this mood to generate attention with humorous content. Gladly again."

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