Boost from Corona: More than half of the world's population uses social media

Social media is growing at an unprecedented rate, with the number of social media users increasing by a whopping 490 million during the Corona pandemic alone, from October 2019 to October 2020, says a recent study by Adenion and pressrelations.

Die Social Media Nutzerzahlen Weltweit 2021

The importance of social media has reached a new high in 2021.More than half of the world's population uses social media - in figures, this amounts to 4.41 billion active social media users. On average, a person has 8.5 social media accounts and spends 144 minutes a day on them, or 876 hours a year.

Many people spend several hours a day on social media, using it to share, find out news, or learn about brands, products, or people.

Also in 2021, Facebook is ahead with 2.8 billion monthly users, followed by Instagram with 1.2 billion. LinkedIn has 740 million, 593 million and Telegram 500 million users. This is followed by Pinterest with 459 million users, Reddit with 430 million and Twitter with 353 million users. XING has 19 million active users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

These are findings from the "Social Media Study 2021: Trends, Tips and Expert Forecasts" by Adenion and pressrelation. More on blog2social.


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