Political participation: Canton of Bern launches Instagram channel for young people

The canton of Bern is launching a new Instagram channel to get 16- to 25-year-olds interested in politics. "Bärn c'est nous" (@be.stimme) is managed by a young team affiliated with the newsroom of the Canton of Bern.

This is what the Canton of Bern's Instagram channel for young "Bärn c'est nous" looks like. (Image: zVg.)

The channel is intended to communicate with its audience at eye level, as the State Chancellery announced on Monday. It is intended to provide information on topics such as equality, climate and education, and to show how cantonal politics have a direct impact on the lives of young Bernese.

Four students take care of "Bärn c'est nous". According to the state chancellery, they have great editorial freedom. For example, the followers are to take part in surveys, participate in discussions and address members of the government and the Grand Council directly.

The project is part of the Canton of Bern's strategy of also aligning communications with new forms of digital media consumption. The Office of Communications not only distributes traditional media releases, but is also active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Last year, the bilingual newsroom produced 1034 media releases and 1601 posts. The six social media channels have a total of just over 30,000 followers. (SDA)

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