Twitter permanently blocks Trump

Twitter sees no way back for ex-president Donald Trump, who has been banned from the platform. "Our rules are designed to make sure no one incites violence. If someone does, we remove them from the platform - and our rules don't allow people to come back," chief financial officer Ned Segal told CNBC TV on Wednesday.


Twitter had suspended Trump in early January about two weeks before the end of his term. It was triggered by his supporters storming the US Capitol - and the president expressing sympathy for them and continuing to claim without evidence that victory in the presidential election had been stolen from him by massive fraud.

Facebook also blocked Trump in response; however, the online network is now having the move reviewed by an independent panel that can overturn the company's decision. Twitter has no such panel.

"The way our rules work: If you've been removed from the platform, you've been removed from the platform - whether you're a commentator, a chief financial officer, or a former or sitting public servant," Segal said.

The Twitter account, with more than 80 million subscribers, was Trump's most important communication channel for years. After controversial tweets by the president, there were repeated calls for the short message service to block it, at least temporarily. Twitter balked at this until the attack on the Capitol, limiting itself to warnings about, among other things, false claims about the outcome of the US presidential election and the Corona virus. (SDA)

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