Instagram doesn't want TikTok videos in "Reels"

Facebook subsidiary Instagram no longer wants to recommend TikTok videos on its video application "Reels". Reels works on a similar principle to the Chinese app. Users can scroll through different videos on it. However, Facebook is not satisfied with the success of the feature, especially because instead of original content, mainly TikTok videos end up on it.


"Original content is the engine of a social media platform. It can't exist without creative producers, because only through them can a positive user experience be created. Operators especially want creators to post only on them and their apps. However, many publish their content on different networks. Reels must therefore take care not to become a recycling platform for TikTok," advises social media expert Tim Weisheit in an interview with the news portal Press release.

From now on, the Instagram algorithm will no longer recommend videos that have a TikTok watermark. It also aims to improve the quality of reels by no longer highlighting videos with too much text or blurry images. The platform also recommends that content producers only use songs and sound effects from the Reels catalog.


Repetitions also in "stories"

A lack of original content isn't just a problem on Reels. There are also too many repetitions in "stories" for Instagram, especially of posts that have already appeared in the feed. That's why, in the future, users won't be able to copy content from reels into their photo spreads. (pte)

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