Newsroom Communication: Valerie takes over the Valiant Instagram profile

Valerie is a flower shop owner, hobby artist, dreamer and also a bit of a klutz - and she has been "taking care" of Valiant Bank's Instagram profile since August 2020. Newsroom Communication is responsible for the Instagram takeover.


Of course, the bank gives its Insta profile not just out of your hand. Valerie is a fictional character played by actress Désirée Naef. With her help, the bank not only brings Valerie to life, but also a new concept for Instagram. Instead of rather incoherent posts as before, the story is now told in continuous episodes from Valerie's everyday life.

In the course of the episodes, which are published every two weeks, she also comes into contact with financial topics, such as home financing. Each episode consists of four to five images per (carousel) post and just as many videos in the typical portrait format, which are published as accompanying stories. The second season will be launched in 2021.

The idea was conceived and implemented by Newsroom Communication in collaboration with the communication design agency Captns. This constellation already supported Valiant Bank in the past with numerous activities on Instagram.

The young actors are from the ensemble of the Oberländer Märlibühne, which is supported by Valiant as the main sponsor.


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