Twitter brings tweets to Snapchat stories

Microblogging service Twitter will now allow iOS users to post tweets to stories on social media platform Snapchat as stickers.


Previously, users had to take a screenshot of their posts to be able to post them on Snapchat. Now, it's supposed to be possible to publish them directly through the app, using its image editing features as well.


Feature also planned for Instagram

"Sharing tweets directly on Snapchat Stories is now easier than ever," Twitter says. On the microblogging platform, users can select the Snapchat icon using the "Share" function. This makes it possible to create a sticker whose content is the corresponding tweet.

In addition to iOS users, Android users will soon also be able to publish their posts on Snapchat. Twitter is also currently working on a similar feature for Facebook subsidiary Instagram. Here, too, users will be able to embed their tweets seamlessly into their stories in the future.


Content on as many platforms as possible

With the new features, it should be easier to bring content to as many platforms as possible at once. Facebook in particular is currently working intensively on such possibilities for its own applications. Since September, Instagram users have been able to post their stories on Facebook at the same time. (pte)

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