Plan for advertising on WhatsApp remains in place

Facebook is still planning to add ads to its WhatsApp subsidiary. The company is currently working to unify its messaging apps. Once this plan comes to fruition, WhatsApp users should expect to see ads, The Information reports.


"Advertising on WhatsApp would be worthwhile for marketers and Facebook. The only question is how high the acceptance of the users would be. WhatsApp has basically replaced SMS, and SMS ads were not very popular before. It is important that the ads are properly designed. For example, it would be acceptable if ads came from companies that users had contact with on WhatsApp," says social media expert Björn Tantau in an interview with news portal Press release.

Facebook wants to use users' phone numbers to connect their WhatsApp and Facebook accounts. This will allow the algorithm to identify which ads go with which WhatsApp users. However, this plan is controversial within the company. Some executives are worried that WhatsApp users will delete their Facebook account because of this measure.


Implementation takes years

Back in 2018, Facebook first formulated its intention to implement ads on WhatsApp. In January 2020, however, the company announced that it was putting these plans on hold for the time being ( reported). Although Facebook is still holding on to the idea, according to the report, it could be years before it actually becomes real, as it would be particularly difficult to unify WhatsApp with the other messaging apps. (pte)

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