Facebook rejects accusations by Amnesty International

Facebook has rejected Amnesty International's accusation that its business model is a threat to human rights. Facebook gives people the opportunity to connect around the world with privacy protections, the online network said in a response on Thursday.


"Our business model ensures that groups like Amnesty International - which currently runs ads on Facebook - reach supporters, raise money and advance their goals."

Amnesty International had criticized in a report that Google and Facebook control the most important channels through which billions of people use the internet. At the same time, their business model is based on "ubiquitous surveillance" and this endangers human rights. Google did not comment on the accusations on Thursday.

Facebook also owns the chat services WhatsApp and Messenger as well as the photo platform Instagram. Google also owns the video platform YouTube - and the internet company also develops the dominant smartphone system Android. Among other things, Amnesty International sees a problem in the fact that people would have to open access to their data in order to use Facebook and Google services. (SDA)

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